Carolina Ritzler launches ELLOZZE

The emblematic brand of the ” made in Paris ”  jumpsuits has been given a new look.
This is obvious, much more than a name, Carolina Ritzler is ultimately an attitude!

ELLOZZE or the story of a separate piece that becomes essential: the women jumpsuit!
This name by it self sums up the very essence of the label: to shout out loud and clear its freedom via a so singular piece… the jumpsuit.

Sneaking into an ELLOZZE jumpsuit is no trivial matter. It is an act in itself. We assume a second skin that suddenly transcends as much as it gives power. Her sexiness takes everything in its path. She hypnotizes as much as she singularizes. It’s a fact, we only see her. She’s the only one we want. The jumpsuit becomes so obsessive that it becomes essential.

ELLOZZE or the promise of a draw

While the jumpsuit remains the signature of the house, the brand completes its wardrobe with furiously Parisian pieces with couture accents.
High waist or carrot pants; voluminous or fitted top: the jumpsuit splits in two and suddenly offers a thousand and one equations for even more style.

ELLOZZE, for whom?
For all the impertinent, the bold, the strong heads who refuse to go unnoticed.
For all the shy, reserved, discreet people who want to raise their voice.
For women who play the male game
For male women who play the female game
For ambitious business women.
For lazy contemplatives.
For strollers, lovers…

For her.
For you.
For us.

Because, finally, we have the freedom to be all these women!
Let’s be those who dare!
ELLOZZE women.

Store Ellozze

33 Rue Étienne Marcel, Paris 75001
Second floor / +33 1 44 54 67 74
Monday to friday
From 10am to 7pm